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International Turf Company Ltd. Appointed by ZeoProTM

Story published at 11:17, Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

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ITC ZeoPInternational Turf Company are delighted to have become distributors of ZeoProTM products for golf and sportsturf within Eastern and Western Europe, Near East, Middle East and North Africa.

This follows many years of product utilization and close collaboration between ITC principal Jonathan Pendry, and Richard Andrews and James Shaw, President and CEO of ZeoponiX Inc., respectively.

ZeoProTM is a unique combination soil amendment and ion exchange fertilizer. A plant demand nutrient delivery system for the next generation that;

  • Reduces supplemental fertilizer requirements by as much as 80%, in perpetuity.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by up to 30%.
  • Improved drought tolerance compared to other amendments.
  • Increases root mass by up to 4 times.
  • Contains built-in primary nutrients.
  • Dramatically reduces grow-in time.
  • Captures and makes re-available nutrient leachate, preventing water contamination.
  • Has a CEC of 850 meq/l compared to a USGA sand of circa 33 meq/l.
  • Is environmentally friendly.

These benefits massively reduce time and cost together with having an exceptionally healthy and robust plant.

ZeoProTM is USGA graded and an off-white colour and can be applied either during construction, renovation or maintenance.

Pendry states, “The plant is in complete control of its nutrient uptake which saves times, money and the environment together with a healthier, stronger plant. We have used ZeoPro on multiple occasions during both construction and maintenance and have seen the positive impact to the plant health and to the environment, and are delighted to now be distributing to a large geographic area”.

Andrews comments, “International Turf Company shares our passion to reduce the inputs of chemicals and to simultaneously provide environmental protection from golf courses and sports turf venues, plus providing excellent quality resilient and healthy turf.   We’re pleased to have them on board as a distributor.”

International Turf Company

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