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UKGCOA introduces new website

Story published at 14:43, Friday, August 21st, 2015

UKGCOA-new-websiteThe UK Golf Course Owners Association (UKGCOA) has launched pleased to reveal their new website at www.ukgcoa.com

The aim of the new website was to provide all the information golf clubs need to know about the UKGCOA (UK Golf Course Owners Association), its current activities and events and what initiatives it is involved in, in a clear and easy to navigate way. There is also a member’s only section which will be updated with valuable information that only those golf clubs that engage with the UKGCOA are able to access.

The new website boasts a modern, attractive design and has a digitally responsive platform so that when it is visited by a small screen device the design alters to be more appropriate for the reduced screen size.

Commenting on the new website, UKGCOA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Lloyd-Skinner said: “The new UKGCOA web site is simple to navigate and much easier to update, so will be a great way for golf club owners and operators to be kept fully informed of projects and developments that could impact their businesses. I recommend that all golf course owners/operators visit the web site on a regular basis to find out about topics that are important to their businesses.”

UK Golf Course Owners Association www.ukgcoa.com

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