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SGD Begins Bunker Renovation at Wellingborough Golf Club

Story published at 15:21, Friday, December 11th, 2015

Wellingborough Golf Club bunker montage

Wellingborough Golf Club bunker montage

Work has begun on a Swan Golf Designs led bunker renovation project at Wellingborough Golf Club, with the recently completed 1st and 18th holes to be used as a showcase for the remainder of the project.

Having completed a bunker audit of the entire course in July 2015 William Swan was appointed to design, plan and oversee the renovation. This process is now well underway with a two-hole trial project constructed by Profusion Environmental having been completed in early December.

The next stage is to administer a three-month communication and consultation with members in accordance with the club’s constitution before embarking on a single further phase of construction to rebuild the 40-50 hazards that form the remainder of the bunker strategy.

Wellingborough Golf Club

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