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Cable Off Line With Golf Comments Says PGA Chief

Story published at 14:21, Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Sandy Jones

Sandy Jones

Government minister Vince Cable hasn’t endeared himself to the golfing community by suggesting the country’s housing crisis could be solved by building on golf courses.

The Business Secretary’s comments came in relation to research by the London School of Economics that claimed more of Surrey is devoted to golf courses than housing with a total of 103 courses in the county.

While housing shortages are clearly important, PGA chief executive Sandy Jones has been quick to point out the economic benefits that golf brings to the community as reflected in a PGA commissioned study by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC which revealed golf has an annual €6.1 billion impact in Great Britain & Ireland and €15.1 billion across Europe with 180,000 employed across the industry.

“Golf plays a significant role both in its economic impact and also in delivering social, behaviour and sporting benefits,” he said. “The 100 plus courses in Surrey generate hundreds of jobs across the community and millions of pounds of revenue so I don’t think the contribution golf makes to the community should be underestimated.”

A copy of the full report on The Economic Impact of Golf on the Economy of Europe is available at:

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  • paulregolfdesign

    Well done Sandy! More should be made of the positive impacts our sport has on the economy, environment and society in general. I agree with Geoff Russell when he says we should all tackle the negativity towards the sport and meet all critics of our sport head-on with the indisputable FACTS!