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England Golf to develop direct marketing channel

Story published at 14:32, Friday, April 8th, 2016

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Graham Yates, Chairman of England Golf, has written to member clubs promoting an Industry Green Fee and Golfer Registration Initiative and asking for their participation in an on-line survey to gauge their support.

This initiative follows a similar exercise carried out by the Golf Union of Wales which found Welsh clubs to be resoundingly in favour. More than two-thirds have already contracted to the initiative.

England clubs have been given until 29th April to respond and those with any questions before responding to this survey, are invited to email or contact Jane Carter who has been appointed to manage the consultation with clubs. She can be contacted directly on 07918 636841 or at

In his letter Graham Yates said, “I am writing to request your vote of support for an industry initiative which we believe will shape the future of golf in England.

“We have listened to many golf clubs who have told us they are concerned that the price of golf is being driven lower and lower, to potentially damaging and unsustainable levels. This in turn has had an impact on membership and will continue to do so.

“Many believe the time is right for the industry to develop its own marketing channels, and for golf clubs to communicate and sell directly to more than 1.5million pay and play golfers.

“England Golf and the Golf Union of Wales are now collaborating to develop such a marketing channel – aimed at growing the number of rounds played, increasing green fee revenue, driving golfers direct to golf clubs on your terms, and building a national database of those 1.5 million non-member golfers for the benefit of all.


“Until April 29 2016, we are in a consultation period. We are asking every English golf club to tell us if they would participate in an industry owned online marketing network and a national golfer data and loyalty programme. The details are attached, click here

“The decision on whether we’ll move forwards rests with you and your fellow English golf clubs. That is the reason for conducting this survey.

“We are excited about the potential this opportunity provides for all participating clubs. We hope you are too.

“Please take the time to respond to this survey. It’s important for the future of your golf club and golf in England. Thank you for your help”

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