Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

Upcoming edition of Great Golf Magazine to feature ‘100 Greatest Golf Resorts’

Story published at 14:49, Monday, March 13th, 2017

100 Greatest Golf ResortsThe upcoming edition of Great Golf Magazine will feature the definitive 100 Greatest Golf Resorts 2017.

This “100 Greatest” edition is made up of five sub-categories, each consisting of 20 Golf Resorts that are considered candidates for that particular field. Each sub-category appeared in an edition of the publication during 2016 and was voted upon by its readers and members of HSBC Premier Golf Network.

The categories are;

  • Top 20 Romantic,
  • Top 20 Exotic,
  • Top 20 Family Friendly
  • Top 20 Golf & Spa
  • Top 20 Gourmet.

All participating Golf Resorts have been visited by one of the Great Golf roving journalists at least once to provide first-hand knowledge of the location.

The overall winner is the resort that has done the best over all five consecutive “Top 20” groups. The winners and overall winner will be announced in the next edition of Great Golf Magazine.

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