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Intelligentgolf launches new “RoundGuard” Feature

Story published at 12:21, Friday, April 1st, 2016

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(photo Flickr_Ricardo Bernardo)

(photo Flickr_Ricardo Bernardo)

Intelligentgolf is delighted to launch a new feature today (1st April 2016) which will settle once and for all the troubles that post game drinks buying can cause for members of golf clubs.

Seamlessly integrated with the intelligentgolf EPOS system and the competition management module, advanced algorithms now calculate the person who is due to purchase the round in the bar after a game of golf.

Using the in-depth analysis of purchasing history on each member’s account, and combining this with hole by hole playing statistics to determine match results, RoundGuard will issue a push notification to the group, informing them with 100% certainty who needs to get the beers in.

“For too long Dave has shirked from buying the beers, and RoundGuard from intelligentgolf will now solve this issue for once and all,” confirmed member Brian Suggs from Old Links Golf Club in Devon.

The intelligentgolf point of sale was launched in November at the GCMA National Conference, and is now in use at over 30 golf clubs in the UK.


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