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Z Spray Cleaner Launched at BTME

Story published at 14:24, Friday, February 6th, 2015

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Z Spray unit from Highspeed Group

Z Spray unit from Highspeed Group

The Zelup Z Spray is new to the UK and available exclusively through Highspeed Group Ltd. At BTME 2015 it created much interest and its effectiveness was demonstrated on the stand by Louis Issler from the French manufacturers. This very compact and innovative unit utilises an air and water mist for fast and efficient cleaning of golf clubs, shoes and trolleys.

The standard kit comprises: Z Spray module with 2 metres of hose and cleaning gun with brush head, a compact wash box (all stainless steel) supplied flat for convenient transport and easy assembly and a 5 microns air filter to ensure effective air delivery.

Total delivered price for the standard kit is £1466 plus VAT anywhere in mainland UK.

  • The kit needs connection to an air and water supply.
  • Dual purpose gun allows for effective wash with air / water mix and then drying by air only: very simple, yet most effective!
  • An optional extra is the Z Station 1.5 x 1 mtr tray for wash off debris collection at an extra £970 delivered.

The Z Spray is made in France and distributed in the UK by Highspeed Group Ltd

Highspeed will be on Booth 22057 at Golf Industry Show San Antonio, Texas, USA 25 -26th February 2015

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