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Wisley CEO to join Lake Nona G&CC

Story published at 15:55, Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Wayne Sheffield

Wayne Sheffield

After nearly 8 years at The Wisley, three major course refurbishment projects and significant team rebuilding, Wayne Sheffield has accepted a position as Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at the renowned Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Florida, USA.

Very few Brits secure leading roles at US club’s and this represents both a fresh challenge and also a lifestyle change for Wayne and his family. Building on his wealth of project management experience at IMG and more recently at The Wisley, there are significant development opportunities attached to his new role at Lake Nona, with a new agreement in place to become the new home of the US Tennis association.

Wisley Chairman Brendan Nelson stated: “I am confident that with the golf course in great condition, a strong team now in place, good financial position and the 2016 budget and planning process well underway, Wayne, as the club’s longest serving chief executive will be leaving it in a very stable position.”

Wayne leaves The Wisley at the end of October

The Wisley

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

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