Monday, 1st May, 2017

EGU’s free coaching attracts more beginners

Story published at 15:00, Wednesday, December 6th, 2000

The English Golf Union’s free golf coaching for beginners’ initiative, sponsored by Prosimmon, is encouraging people to sustain their interest in the game of golf. according to the latest research conducted by the EGU. From those who returned the survey:

  • 88% of participants have been involved in golf since their coaching, of which:

  • 53% have booked lessons at the venue where they received coaching

  • 30% have played golf at the venue where they received coaching

  • 13% have joined a golf club

The attraction of free golf coaching for beginners is that it encourages people of all ages, both male and female to come along and have a go. This has been proven with statistics showing an even spread of participants throughout all age groups.

The positive feedback received from participating venues was also confirmed with the research identifying that 96% of participants said they had benefited and would like to register again. The results of the survey suggest there is a need to provide more people with an opportunity to experience golf for the first time.

It is the EGU’s intention, with support from Prosimmon and other organizations, to develop free golf coaching for beginners further in an effort to attract more people into the game.